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Portfolio Committees


The operational work of SAASWIPP is done by members who serve voluntarily on committees to implement the mission of the organisation.

These committees are represented on the National Executive board by the chairperson who reports back to the National Executive Board (NEB) and advises the NEB on strategy and direction for the organisation.

SAASWIPP has the following portfolio committees:

Adoption is a specialized field of social work, and all private social workers involved with adoptions must be accredited.
  • Ensures that adoption workers meet certain standards in terms of training, experience and competence.
  • Protects the interests of clients and the public.
  • Monitors that standards of service delivery are maintained by member accredited adoption workers.
The SA Council for Social Service Professions recognizes SAASWIPP as the body accepting the responsibility for accrediting social workers in private practice to do adoption work.
The Council Liaison Committee liaises with the SACSSP's Professional Board for Social Work about various matters affecting private practice. These may be issues with the Council itself, or where the Council may be able to assist.
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  • Promotes continued professional development and training opportunities of social workers in private practice.
  • Liaises with the public and refers clients to SAASWIPP members if they are in need of professional services.
  • Liaises and networks with other professional groups, associations and government and non-governmental organizations.
  • Establishes accessible support groups and peer review groups for social workers in private practice.
  • Liaises with, and represents member social workers in private practice in negotiations and dealings with provincial, government and civil society.
  • Participates in, and influences relevant social legislation and policy development.
  • Keeps members informed of and up to date with relevant and latest policies, legislation and developments in practice.
  • Promotes the value of members and negotiates with medical aid schemes, and liaises, via the SACSSP, with the Council for Medical Aid Schemes on behalf of social workers in private practice on tariff rates, and the like.
  • Liaises with other relevant health care providers and service providers.
  • Guides members in terms of ICD 10 coding and other diagnostic criteria.
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