About us

Our Vision and Mission

SAASWIPP believes in the value of the Social Work profession and in the valuable contribution made by social workers in private practice to mental health, psychosocial well-being , welfare and development in South Africa.
We aim to:
  • Support our members by providing networking opportunities, orientation programmes, information on running a private practice and by negotiating benefits such as affordable indemnity insurance.
  • Promote high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct by social workers in private practice by developing appropriate policies for membership, providing information on available training opportunities, offering affordable CPD training and opportunities for professional interchange.
  • Advocate for a conducive environment in which we can practice our profession as social workers in private practice by lobbying legislative and decision making bodies.
  • Promote the value of services provided by our members by liaising with medical aids and with colleagues inside and outside the profession and through marketing initiatives.