About us

Provincial Committees

We have members in all provinces and four constituted provincial committees namely, Kwazulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Gauteng.

Developments are underway to initiate similar committees in all the provinces. Committees are constituted by volunteers and are governed by SAASWIPP`s mode of conduct and ethics.

The committees manage and facilitate the functions of SAASWIPP at grass root level. They provide support, networking and cpd training opportunities for their members.

Easter Cape Chair - Dr Heather Rauch
Vice Chair - Riesl Spies
Secretary- Charmaine Oosthuizen
Treasurer- Melany van Rooyen
Gauteng Chairperson – Paula Hildebran
Vice Chairperson – Sharon Rosen
Workshop Coordinator – Lisa Burger
Orientation Coordinator – Sally Baker
Ethics – Julia Pienaar
Kwazulu-Natal Chair - Thams Pather
Vice Chair - Marietjie Strydom
Treasurer - Helen Keen
Secretary - Priya Naidoo
Venue & Catering - Agnes Mbhele
Adoption Rep - Ragini Reddy
Medical Aid- Pearl Thakur
Western Cape Chairperson Ethics- Brenda Lane
Catering National Membership- Raella Abel
Venue Newsletter- Lidia Futter
Medical Aid Looking after members- Secretary Minutes Assist with newsletter-Meg Carter
Assisting with members during handover to Tania- Hilary McLea