Benefits of Joining SAASWIPP

Whilst private practice offers social workers several benefits such as flexible working hours and the opportunity to specialise in a particular field of interest, it can be lonely and isolating. SAASWIPP is a voluntary professional association which offers members the following benefits:

  • An opportunity to interact and network with colleagues who share your professional interests and concerns.
  • Orientation workshops on how to run a private practice.
  • Regular newsletters and e mail updates to members.
  • Mentoring, consultation and peer supervision through SAASWIPP support groups and access to more formal fee for service supervision from senior colleagues.
  • SAASWIPP endeavours to link members to individuals or bodies which can offer support in relation to specific ethical queries or difficulties.

  • Access to CPD accredited training workshops.
  • Information about training and development opportunities advertised on the SAASWIPP website or through the SAASWIPP data base.
  • Access to group discounted Indemnity insurance.
  • Reminders and updates on administrative issues such as BHF registration, PAIA compliance and the like.
  • FIVE FREE SMS’s A DAY available to SAASWIPP members on the secure section of this website.
  • SAASWIPP lobbies government and other stakeholders to represent the interests of social workers in private practice.
  • Our organisation liaises with medical aids to keep up to date with developments in the medical aid field and where possible to improve medical aid coverage for social work services.
  • Our Council Liaison team keeps in contact with the Professional Board of Social Workers to represent the interests of private practitioners.
  • We lobby for the recognition of specialisations in Clinical, Forensic and Medical Social Work.
  • Listing on the Find a Social Worker section of the SAASWIPP website.
  • Access to the SAASWIPP data base to market your own groups, workshops and training programmes at membership rates.
  • Opportunities to advertise in the branch newsletters.
  • Benefit of the professional profile created by our association.