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Indemnity and Malpractice Insurance

SAASWIPP has negotiated professional indemnity insurance cover with AON brokers. You are reminded to renew your indemnity insurance cover or apply for cover if you have not previously been insured.

AON can only proceed with the Insurance Cover approval once SAASWIPP has received your completed form and insurance payment. You will not have insurance cover until AON has approved your Application or Renewal Form. Any insurance payment received without a form will be refunded.

Set out below are your terms, which we obtained from AON SA (the broker) on behalf of Ace Insurers, which is subject to:-

  • Common renewal date July of each year.
  • No Pro rata premium for those joining during the course of the renewal period.
  • Completion of a No Material & Claim Declaration (NMNCD) form for existing members.
  • Completion of an Application Form for new members joining.
  • It is a condition precedent to liability that the Insured is fully qualified and registered with the relevant Industry Body / Association in terms of legislation as applicable.
  • The Insurer will indemnify the members in respect of claims made in SA Jurisdiction and law but not in respect of claims arising out of North America or countries subscribing to USA law.
  • Period of Insurance: 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018
  • Retroactive Date: As per the annexure of paid up members

  • Process required when applying for Professional Indemnity and Malpractice Insurance is as follows:

    • SAASWIPP paid up members are required to pay the Insurance Fee of R1125 excl retro
    • 2017 SAASWIPP Non-members are required to pay a total of R2275. Membership Fee (R800) Lapsed Fee (R350) Insurance (R1125)
    Payment to be made to SAASWIPP
    Account: 1511068809
    Balfour Park Branch: 151105
    Reference: Council number, surname and first name.

    Email your completed AON Form and proof of payment to or fax SAASWIPP office 011 888 9624.

    Insurance money received without Insurance Form will be refunded two weeks after 31st July 2017.