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What is a social worker in private practice

Social workers in private practice are trained professionals who offer their services directly to individuals, families, groups and organisations on a fee for service basis.

In order to practice as a social worker one must complete a university degree in Social Work and register with the South African Association of Social Service Professionals (SACSSP). SAASWIPP members must have an additional four to five years post-qualifying experience before they join the organisation. Many of our members are highly specialised in their chosen fields of practice.

Social work is a wide ranging profession. Social workers seek to bring about empowerment and change in the lives of the individuals and families and communities they serve. They offer counselling, psychotherapy and mediation services to individuals, families and groups to effect psycho-social change. Some social workers are engaged in bringing about broad based changes in organisations and communities by means of community work methods and development strategies. Social work services are offered in multiple settings from welfare agencies, to schools, hospitals and prisons, to corporate settings.