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  • I didn’t realise social workers counselled people! The life experience that a background in social work gave my counsellor made her a real person who could sit with me in my struggles and help me figure out a way forward.

  • The relationship I have with my social worker is one I truly treasure. Her ability to help me think through the situations I am facing in a safe, nonjudgemental space, where I get to explore my options and figure out a clear way forward is a rare skill.
  • My social worker helped me find firm ground when I felt sucked under by the quicksand of incest issues bubbling up from my childhood. She helped me lift my shame and stand tall.
  • Therapy helped me to recover my equilibrium & reprioritize my life after being traumatized by crime.

  • My therapist helped me navigate my way out of a crippling depression.
    In the course of my therapy with my social worker I learnt to notice and then change patterns of behaviour that weren't working for me. She helped me to observe myself in relationships, to recognize and understand triggers that provoked me.

  • “Ek is deur die werk se wellness hulplyn verwys vir hulp met ‘n traumatiese ondervinding. Die maatskaplike werker het my die volgende dag gesien. As gevolg van haar sagte inneemlikheid het sy my dadelik op my gemak gehad en my vertroue gewen: My nie net deur die trauma gehelp met ongelooflike begrip en deernis nie, maar ook gehelp om `n ander probleem op te los wat al jare onder `n emmer gehou was. Sy laat jou veilig voel en dat daar hoop is maak nie saak wat nie.”

  • “My contact with my social worker not only assisted me in dealing with my problem and the trauma surrounding it, but also with learning, growing and changing the process.
    It equipped me with basic but practical information and tools to use in every situation in my daily life.”